The Future, of Our Past

This project began when the District of Vanderhoof asked the Nechako Valley Historical Society (NVHS) if they could find neams of the first 150 settlers in the area to be recognized at the 2017 July 1st Canada Day150 Birthday Celebrations.

From that search, the seeds for this book project sprouted and the stories that fill it’s pages are a final result of the growth in knowledge and understanding of the people that make this beautiful valley home.

Saik’uz First Nation

Firstly the NVHS recognizes that Vanderhoof is situated on the unceded territory of the Saik’uz First Nation and that Indigenous people have been in the Nechako valley area long before the first settlers arrived. With the help of Saik’uz Elders the NVHS was able to put together a list of Indigenous families who were living in this area before the settlers came.   READ More


The Families

Not all the families that the NVHS listed are included in this book, but we hope that when you read the stories you will find some memories that you share with the people in the book. 


Vanderhoof British Columbia,


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